Hey, I'm Vicki

I'm a crafty Toronto gal with a love for plants, DIYs and community. Always known as that 'crafty' girl, I started a lifestyle blog with a DIY focus in 2015. In 2016, I started hosting craft workshops at a variety of local businesses in the Toronto area. Armed with an obsession with items that had plants on them, I decided to start 'Handmade Jungle' a destination for anyone who loves crafts & plants as much as I do.

Join me at a Toronto workshop, book me for your next event, or check out my blog to see what seeds I'm planting up next.


Renting A Car And Driving Around Joshua Tree, California

Leading up to my trip to California for Alt Summit, I have been extremely overwhelmed. Overwhelmed to the point where I had no desire to prep, pack, or work on the content for my workshop during the conference.

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